This enormous NES controller is made of Lego…and actually works

Baron von Brunk

Back before CES, we took some time to reflect on the biggest gaming stories of 2012. But in the meantime, Lego building guru Baron von Brunk was hard at work on a controller for a much older console.

What you see above is video evidence of von Brunk’s ability to play nearly any game with his homemade Lego NES controller, including Contra, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Although the Wii and the Xbox 360’s Kinect might be touted for their exercise potential, attempting to play through a classic game with a 5-foot-long controller might be a workout in itself.

Von Brunk worked on this hulking machine for months after conceiving of the idea in the summer of 2012. And the last time we saw his controller, it was still only partially completed. The walls are built from light-grey Lego bricks, the top is made up of tiled plates, and the buttons are “spring-loaded modules [made] using Lego Technic pieces.”

The original NES circuitry board lives inside the controller and is connected to a USB converter, which allows him to play NES ROMs on his computer.

Baron von Brunk notes on his blog that this is not the first giant NES controller that anyone has ever built, but it is the first one ever constructed almost entirely of Lego. Be sure to check out his blog if you want to know more about the building process and see pictures of his progress as he put the controller together.

[Baron von Brunk via MAKE]

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