The Force is strong with this Star Wars X-Wing coffee table

Barry Shields

If you are an avid Star Wars fan, you probably already have all sorts of memorabilia. But to really prove your fandom, perhaps you need to take a look at this amazing coffee table by Barry Shields.

The entire X-Wing model was carved by hand, and it took around six months to make. Barry sandwiched the glass sheet between the top and bottom half of the starfighter, which he then bolted together—this makes the table more durable.

Of course, this table does come at a price reserved for only the most die-hard wealthiest Star Wars fans. Its overall cost is valued against the time it took to make, at a $14 per hour rate. That makes it cost about $60,500, so it's quite the investment piece.

If the X-Wing isn’t quite your thing, you could always pick up one of Barry’s other pieces, like the Star Trek Enterprise coffee table. This one took just over three weeks to build, and it weighs about 75 pounds. At $3100, it's not cheap, but it looks incredible.

Now, am I the only one would be too worried about coffee rings or other stains on these intricate tables to actually use them? If you want to get your hands on the X-Wing, you’ll have to contact Barry directly. Be quick, though, as there’s only one in existence, and I bet it'll get snapped up quickly despite the price.

[Barry Shields via Ubergizmo]

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