TLDR software keeps it short, sweet, and simple

Sometimes you don’t have the five minutes that it takes to read a whole article or the attention span to care about reaching the ending. A new bit of software called TLDR wants to truncate articles you find on the Web into more of a bit-size ordeal. Coming from the Internet shorthand for “too long; didn’t read,” the software looks to do the same with anything you might come across on the Web.

Using its context-sensitive engine known as Liquid Helium, the app pulls out all the redundant information while keeping the essence of the article intact. You get a short summary of the article before deciding to delve in any further. You can choose from three different ranges of editing, from only 25 percent removed in the long version to a hefty 75 percent of the original text removed in the short version.

Having just installed the software to my browser, I headed over to the world desk of CNN to see if the app could pull out the optimal bits from the often complex topics of world affairs. Where it lacks in elegance, it makes up in content. TLDR stripped away several world stories and picked up on the main paragraph for most of the summaries. The edited version of the news kept the important content, but you lose some of the readability when you’re only pulling out the lines with context.

I’ll stick to reading the whole story for now, but I’ll keep an eye out for the iPhone reader version of TLDR to save on a little battery life and eye strain. Those with Android phones can try it out now.

You can try out the app now for your browser by heading over to the site now. TLDR: You no longer have an excuse to find the information you need.

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