Picaxe Protected Steampunk Sketchbook will make you wish you were an artist

Admiral Aaron Ravensdale/Instructables

Steampunk aficionados, prepare to be smitten. Admiral Aaron Ravensdale's latest creation is a veritable work of art; I don't remember the last time that I've seen a sketchbook this gorgeous. Looking for all the world like it was pilfered from Captain Nemo's desk, this delightful piece of craftsmanship is, impressively enough, more than a pretty face.

According to the ever-vigilant Hack A Day, Admiral Aaron Ravensdale's sketchbook features a two-way protection scheme. The first level of security takes the shape of a combination lock, one composed of four switches, each with four separate switch positions—that's 265 possible switch positions, in case you're wondering.

Should you succeed in determining the correct sequence, the circuit closes and the PICKAXE microcontroller will grant you access to, well, the next stage.

Here's where it gets all kinds of novel. After you've entered the right combination, you'll be asked to take on the knock sensor. Rap on it the right way and you'll hear a jaunty tune announcing your victory. Fail at doing so and you'll be treated to a different chorus of notes. There's also a cool-down timer that will prevent you making too many attempts in a short period of time.

Want to know what's the best thing about all this? Admiral Aaron Ravensdale has everything you want to know about making a sketchbook of this caliber on his Instructables page. Ain't life grand?

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