DIY arcade games coffee table is the best way to waste your evening

Manny Flores/Ikea Hackers

Apparently there is something of a coffee table-hacking community. On Tuesday, we spotted a Star Wars-themed coffee table with a wooden model of an X-wing fighter. This time, it's one that lets you satisfy your urge to play old video games.

The Lack Arcade Coffee Table comes via Manny Flores on the Ikea Hackers blog. The hacked table lets you play arcade games from the comfort of your sofa, retro controllers included. Manny essentially cut out a few holes in an Ikea Lack table for the control buttons and a LCD screen. Two speakers live on the underside of the tabletop.

Manny used a Raspberry Pi microcomputer running Linux to drive the gaming rig along with the AdvanceMAME emulator, which allows the setup to actually run the games. He also wrote a Python script that lets you select which game you want to play using the joystick and button controls.

So far, the arcade table can run Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Galaga, among other classics. This would be a great time to challenge your guests to beat your high score the next time they visit.

[Ikea Hackers via Hack A Day]

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