Want retro with your retro? Modded Game Boy may be the coolest portable yet


We all know that Game Boys are cool, right? But, did you know that it's entirely possible to make a good thing even better?

At first glance, the GameBoo doesn't look entirely different—outside of the two additional buttons adorning its carapace—from your average Game Boy. Nonetheless, looks are deceiving. As spotted by Hack A Day, the GameBoo is something that the creator designed as a belated birthday present for a friend.

On top of having extra buttons (and a new color LCD to boot), the GameBoo is home to a Dingoo A330 portable emulation machine—a nifty little thing that plays games in a variety of bits, supports emulators for things like the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Super NES, and a variety of other acronyms, and even plays videos. (Note: While emulators may be legal, that isn't necessarily the case for the required ROMs.)

As for the case itself, it's actually constructed out of the hacked-up remnants of two already-broken Game Boys. Why two? Because there was the need for spare parts and because the creator needed to come up with X and Y buttons for his gift.

According to the chap's website, this was his first major electronics project,which makes the GameBoo even more impressive than it already is. Don't you wish you had a friend like that?

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