Turn your Kindle Fire 2 into a full-fledged Android tablet

Why buy? Just DIY—assuming you have more than a passing understanding of how to root your Kindle Fire 2 and know how to install custom ROMs without spontaneously bricking your device, of course.

If you've been looking for some way to make that new Amazon tablet a little more useful, though, the CyanogenMod 10.1 is pretty much a godsend. Upon installation, it'll allow you to run Android 4.3, get access to the Google Play Store and, well, do everything you would expect of your average Android tablet.

Judging from what Liliputing has to say on the matter, the process isn't terribly difficult. For the most part, it entails acquiring a fastboot cable and following Hashcode's instructions over at the XDA-Developers forum.

While it's not hard to get the CyanogenMod 10.1 running, there are a few important details to remember. For one, the 2nd-generation Kindle Fire isn't currently capable of streaming HD video from YouTube or running Netflix in any capacity. Additionally, the stock keyboard and the headset microphones don't seem to work properly.

Just keep in mind that while jailbreaking your smartphone is legal in the US, that isn't necessarily the case for other devices like tablets and game consoles.

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