The future of slotcar racing is here (and other stuff you missed)

Audi Canada

In case you are stuck inside today on account of an unexpected snowstorm, or if you’d just like to see a bunch of lunatics nearly kill themselves on pogo sticks, today’s GeekBytes is crafted especially for you.

Xpogo: for when jumping on a pogo stick isn’t dangerous enough [YouTube]

I am a firm believer that, given the opportunity, humans will use anything to put themselves at risk, and I’m pretty sure this amazing display of extreme pogo-sticking validates my point. It might be a slightly more niche hobby than parkour, but the athleticism and sheer oddity of it all make the video worth a watch. [via Geekologie]

Skyscraper demolition without the mess [Japan Times]

As much fun as it can be to watch an old building get imploded or plowed through, I would not want to be on the cleanup crew for one of these jobs. The Japanese building company Tasei Corporation has found a much less exciting way to eradicate skyscrapers, but their method is safer, quieter, and better for the planet. Basically, rather than using explosives or wrecking balls, Tasei's plan is to lower the structure floor by floor while disassembling everything along the way. Personally, I prefer explosions, but this is pretty neat too, I guess. [via Gizmodo]

Audi Canada reinvents slot car racing [YouTube]

Got some time on your hands? I highly recommend watching this fascinating documentary about the creation of the Audi Quattro Experience, an “interactive installation that put participants in the driver's seat of a custom-made 1:32 scale Audi A4 to test their on-track skills using the world's first iPad enabled slot car controller.” Want. [via TechCrunch ]

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