Future cars: Highlights from the Detroit Auto Show

There was plenty of in-car technology on display at CES 2013 in Las Vegas at the beginning of this month, but if you prefer your trade shows to be "all cars, all the time," there's no better fit than the annual North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

Some of the highlights from this year's show included in-car safety technology from Mercedes and Volvo, a workhorse electric powertrain from VIA, concept cars boasting everything from front-mounted projectors to touchscreen-controlled paint jobs, and futuristic in-car entertainment systems that may spell doom for your trusty Auto Bingo cards.

The tireless team of Sarah Jacobsson Purewal and Melissa Riofrio have been running around Cobo Hall in Detroit this week, and they've sent the following dispatches from the show floor.

Next-generation safety systems

Volvo watches the road with cameras, lasers

A triad of detection equipment built into the windshield of some new Volvo models watches for pedestrians, blind spots, and traffic jams.

New Mercedes tech gives drivers an assist

Mercedes-Benz demoed enhanced assistance and automation features in its new E-Class line, including pedestrian-detecting and lane-changing tech.

Electric Avenue

Electric motors come to big trucks by way of VIA

VIA's powertrain gets 800 horsepower and 100 miles per gallon in gasoline equivalent.

Tesla's Model X SUV will rock the suburbs

Falcon-wing doors? Check. All-electric SUV? Check. A frunk? Check. Wait, what's a frunk? Find out by taking a look at this holy-grail vehicle for soccer moms.

Automotive eye candy

High-tech concept cars at the Detroit Auto Show

From holographic displays to morphing interactive paint jobs, these concept cars may never make it off the show floor. They're still likely to get your engine revving, though.

Cars with cameras, projectors, and 3D safety tech

This isn’t your SUV’s rear backup camera. Digital-imaging technology in the next wave of cars will help you monitor traffic and avoid jaywalkers.

Smart Forstars concept car has built-in movie projector (video)

Meet a car that doubles as its own drive-in movie theater.

In-car entertainment evolves

In-car infotainment: iPads and Wi-Fi on wheels

Your next ride may be loaded with huge touchscreens, in-car Wi-Fi, monthly data charges, and futuristic ways to keep the kids in the backseat quiet.

Tablet envy in a car: Tesla Model S boasts 17-inch touchscreen control panel

The massive touchscreen panel in Tesla's all-electric Model S is just as impressive as the rest of the car.

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