Quadruple-helix DNA exists (and other stuff you missed)

Jean-Paul Rodriguez and Giulia Biffi

It’s been a few days since the Fringe series finale and I still can believe it’s over. If you’ve been watching the entire series all over again for the last few days like I have, here are a few stories that you might have missed.

Weather-seal your Canon EF lenses [PetaPixel]

According to Petapixel, nearly three quarters of EF-mount lenses don’t come with weather sealing, which leaves them vulnerable to dust, rain, and other elements. Luckily, a California-based photographer named Tyler Sterbentz wants to fix all that with a simple rubber gasket add-on called the Dust Doughnut. Tyler is currently running a Kickstarter to bring his $20 Dust Doughnuts to Canon lenses around the world. In the future he has plans for Nikon, Olympus and Sony versions as well.

Quadruple Helix DNA will make men superhuman or really sick [Cambridge]

When you think of DNA, you probably think of the double-helix band that carries our genetic code. Now Cambridge researchers say that they’ve found DNA with “quadruple helixes” that are present in our cells today. While you might wish that this would make you into a superhuman or some kind of mutant. Scientists theorize that these strange structures could actually be a sign of disease or cancer, which could make them a good target for treatments to fight such dysfunctions. But before they do that, the researchers are taking a closer look at these chains because they also become prevalent during cell division.

This Martian riverbed is 932 miles long [ESA]

Right about now, the Curiosity rover should be wading wheels-deep inside a small streambed to snap up its first rock samples . Elsewhere, the Mars Express orbiting around the red planet has caught a much larger 932-mile-long dried riverbed created by the Reull Valliss. Pictures of the river also show that it is 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) wide and nearly 1,000 feet (300 meters deep) in certain places. [via Engadget]

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