Realistic Iron Man laser gauntlet is only capable of popping evil balloons

Patrick Priebe

Out of all the Avengers, Iron Man is probably my favorite character. I mean, come on, it’s a robotic suit with a whole load of gadgets, and Tony Stark has other great inventions in his tower. While we realistically won’t have cybernetic suits anytime soon, that didn't keep Patrick Priebe from recreating part of Iron Man's suit.

Patrick made a client a wearable Iron Man gauntlet, complete with two 1.2-watt lasers for shooting and two smaller 4-milliwatt lasers for aiming. When you activate the lasers by turning a dial on the side of the gauntlet, the lasers rise out from underneath a plate on the forearm. The fire trigger and aiming lasers live on the hand strap.

Right now, the gauntlet has only been used against balloons, but this is probably for the best: A 1.2-watt laser is a powerful enough to permanently blind someone, so if you try to build something similar, you might want to forego the lasers.

The only thing this Iron Man gauntlet is missing to make it really authentic is a form of rocket launcher. That unrealistic addition aside, this build does look great aesthetically. That’s no surprise, though given Patrick’s enthusiasm towards laser projects.

[YouTube viaReddit and Gizmodo]

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