Bricking your console isn’t so bad with a Lego Wii U (and other stuff you missed)

Have you checked out our awesome high-tech art installations feature yet? No?! Alright, I’ll give you a few minutes to do that. Done? Perfect! Now you can enjoy today’s GeekBytes roundup, which includes a Lego Wii U, a re-imagining of a much older console, and a plant in a necklace.

If you’d rather not buy a Wii U, why not build one yourself? [YouTube]

As if building a game console out of Lego wasn’t cool enough, Kooberz has decided to convert a previously constructed Lego Wii into an upgraded Lego Wii U, complete with an iPad-infused Wii U GamePad. [via The Brothers Brick ]

Neo Geo X lives on despite rumors to the contrary [Engadget]

The Lego Wii U is pretty great, but many gamers would rather stick with the classics. Tommo Inc. released a brand new line of Neo Geo products (branded as Neo Geo X) late last year, and although rumors had begun to circulate that they would cease production of the portable console, Tommo has emphatically denied these reports. In case you haven’t seen the console before, be sure to give it a once-over. It’s one fine looking handheld device.

Breathe easy with this plant necklace [Etsy]

Listen, I’m all about conservation and protecting the environment, but this Etsy design may be taking the whole tree-hugging attitude a little too far. The Wearable Planter, as it has been named, is “made of 3D printed acrylic and is hand finished for a smooth appearance and texture.” It also comes with instruction on how and what to plant, and the designer will paint you a custom planter if you are so inclined. Dirt not included. [via OhGizmo!]

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