Enjoy your 3D-printed meal (and other stuff you missed)

A real, delicious-looking burger with real meat. Mmm.

What better way to begin the weekend festivities than to ponder 3D-printed junk food and the lengths some will go for their beloved pets? Today's GeekBytes will likely be tastier than most, but that's okay, right? Food is never a bad thing unless it costs you an arm and a—oh, wait.

3D-printed burger would cost over $300,000 to make [Geek.com]

Though the price of entry for a $300,000 burger is reason enough to make one choke, there's something else to this hypothetical meal that should make your stomach turn: there's no actual meat in it. The 3D-printed burger would consist of what Modern Meadows call "bioink," a material made out of many, many living cells. Due to the astronomical costs and various other factors, you can't get a bioink burger just yet, but, well, it's still food for thought. [ಠ_ಠ —Ed.]

Judd Treat Machine lets you dispense doggie treats via e-mail [Makezine]

If you've ever felt guilty about leaving your dogs at home, chances are the Judd Treat Machine may make you feel a little better. Though it's incapable of serving belly rubs, this contraption is able to rely treats to your canine companion. Best thing about the device? It's completely open source.

Awesome pig-tailed dancing robot is awesome [Hack A Day]

While we rarely make it a habit to publish videos for no other reason other than the fact they're cool, (I'm going to make an exception for this video of a dancing robot. But before you dismiss it as yet another rigid, awkward-moving fascimile of a human dancer, the pig-tailed automaton in question is actually really, really good. In fact, it's probably a lot better than plenty of human dancers out there. Eesh.

[Photo: Gabriel Amadeus/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)]

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