Display retro pixel art from your Android device with Pixel

The idea behind Pixel (funding through March 9) is a simple one. It’s an 32-by-32 LED-based digital picture frame with 1024 pixels, capable of displaying images and animations. You set the interactive display using your Android device (sorry, no iOS support right now) over Bluetooth or with a direct USB connection. When not in use, it looks like a plain old mirror.

If you thought this little idea sounded nifty, a lot of people share your opinion. As of this posting, the project has already vastly exceeded its original goal of $8000—it’s currently sitting north of a princely $30,000.

Those who pledge $229 or more will get a fully-assembled Pixel in April, if all goes well. will be able to receive a Pixel of their own, one complete with a panoply of Android-based apps. The final retail price is estimated to be $249, so a pledge now saves you a $20 and gets you a Pixel on the early side.

Confidence level

Pixel is not rocket science; it’s a basic-yet-ingenious concept that won’t take much to put into motion. Unless something untoward happens, chances are it’ll make it to market. What you do with its bits is up to you.

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