This telescope stares at the Sun so you don't have to (and other stuff you missed)


Happy Monday! Do you wish you could be in your office in spirit rather than person? We have a small hack for that, plus important information regarding the diets of your favorite video game characters, and a telescope that takes images of the Sun.

Rudebot is a home-built telepresence robot []

Forget IM conversations and boring video-conferences, this telepresence robot makes working from home that little bit more social. Powered by an Arduino board, an iPad, and some old lawnmower wheels, the Rudebot is a roving display unit that allows the home-worker to venture around the office as if they were there from thousands of miles away. Telepresence robots aren't new, but this is the first time we've seen a DIY one. [via Hack A Day]

Even game characters need a nutritional breakdown of their favorite food [Thaeger]

Nuka Cola Quantum, Magic Mushrooms, and Power Pellets don’t sound like part of a nutritious breakfast, but if you’re Mario or Pac Man, these are staples of your diet. Check out the breakdown of a variety of video game foods, and get a glimpse at the nutritional value of various edibles from the eight-bit universe. [via Design You Trust]

Suborbital spacecraft gets images of the Sun without going blind [NASA]

If you stare at the Sun, you run the risk of damaging your eyes. Luckily for NASA, this isn't a problem for its HI-C Suborbital Spacecraft. The hefty telescope snaps high-resolution images of our nearest star that will help researchers study the Sun’s magnetic fields and surface temperature, and the impressive primary mirror will come in useful for all kinds of incredible imaging. [via Gizmodo]

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