3rd Person View camera mount wants to show you in the act(ion)

Dutch film producer and sports innovator Thijs Vrij has a vision: To make the world’s first body-worn sports camera mount that puts you in the picture. The 3rd Person View (funding through February 18) is designed to be so versatile that the user will be able to get “any shot in any sport”—certainly an ambitious claim—even with you in it.

The three-part system is made out of a special sandwich carbon (this was developed in tandem with composite material specialist Catamaranparts), ultra-thin alloy tubing, and stainless steel nuts and bolts. Weighing less 950 grams, the camera mount comes with a curved backplate on a waterproof adjustable sports belt, an adjustable camera pole, and a locking/release mechanism. SailVideoSystem, the company that Thjis founded, has been working on prototypes and testing for the last five months. In fact, there are several additional videos on the Kickstarter page that show some of the testing that’s been done.

As of the time of writing, the campaign is closing onto £8500 of its £10000 goal with time to spare. If you’re looking to get one of these babies for yourself (estimated for March delivery), you’re going to have pledge a minimum of £120 for the kite/windsurf version.

Confidence level

So far, there are two editions of the mount available: A kite/windsurf version and a ski/skate version. Though it isn’t a stretch to imagine that these mountings would work with most other sports, I’m a little leery about offering full endorsement before I see more video footage.

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