Wolfram Alpha gets analytical with Facebook stats (and other stuff you missed)

Wolfram Alpha
These aren't my actual friends, but you get the idea.

The latest episode of DragonBall Z Abridged is finally here, which means it’s going to be a month before we see another one, and considering how long the Android/Cell saga is, it’s going to take another two years for this to wrap up. While you’re waiting for next chapte,r take a look at all the news you might have missed.

Facebook stats for social stat geeks [Engadget]

If you ever wanted to see your Facebook stats written out like a Dungeons and Dragons page, Wolfram Alpha has you covered. Wolfram Alpha’s Facebook report gives you a summary of your social media activity, graphs on how often your friends interact with your wall, and most interestingly, a grid of your friendships. The friends network basically puts all your connections on a web grid to show how they’re connected to each other in their network roles. For example, "insiders" share a lot of the same friends as you, while "social gateways" might know a lot more people outside of your personal network.

DARPA comes closer to making satellite zombies [IEEE Spectrum]

When DARPA originally announced its plans to scrap dead satellites and reuse their components for new satellites back in October 2011, it was only an idea. While some of DARPA's plans never come to fruition, the Phoenix Project to make what are essentially zombie satellites is making some progress. DARPA released a new video to highlight how researchers already have come up with a number of instruments they will need to remove and add components. Still, all the results from the video are from Earth-bound tests; we won’t know if it’ll really work in space until 2016.

Duct tape bagpipes [Hack a Day]

Is there anything you can’t make out of duct tape? Mythbusters has already shown you can make a boat, a plane, and even survive on a “deserted” island with this wonder building material. Now, a YouTube user named Scott has put together his own set of bagpipes using some PVC pipes, a plastic bag, and duct tape. The end result is a non-leaky bagpipe instrument that sounds about as good as…bagpipes can?

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