Drop everything and go stare at this stunning 'Game of Thrones' Minecraft replica

Believe it or not, this is only a small portion of the Minecraft recreation of King's Landing. Head on over to Reddit for the city in all its Minecraft glory.

Um. Wow. I don't think the right words have been invented yet to describe the heart-aching splendor of this larger-than-life replica of the Seven Kingdoms' capital from Game of Thrones. It's enough to make grown women cry and editors weep random letters.

Over the course of a little over four months, a guy who goes by pizzainacup on Reddit and about 100 other builders took the time and trouble to make King's Landing. If you weren't impressed already, here's where it's going to rock your world: There are around 3000 unique buildings in this replica and they're all fully decorated on the inside. Designed with WorldPainter, this rendition also comes with friggin' custom trees.

Oh, the entire map is almost 35GB, by the way.

If you're still frowning like the Internet's favorite feline curmudgeon, here's another morsel of information: the folk who made this want to make the entire Westeros Continent. In fact, they're roughly 70 percent done with this ambitious endeavor. Pick your jaw up from the floor, because I saved the best for last.

You see, there's going to be a Phase 2 to all this. The end goal here, if Reddit is any indication of things, is to build an open world RPG with quests and NPCs. Eat your heart out, Skyrim. Now stop reading! Go! Stare! Do it now!

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