Adafuit Gemma board makes wearable LED technology more portable


Have you ever wanted a light-up suit—like something straight out of Tron or Blades of Glory—but found the chipboards available too big or annoying to build into clothing? The “wearable technology” fans over at Adafruit Industries have a solution.

The Adafruit Gemma platform board builds on the successes of the popular Adafruit FLORA board, but is considerably smaller. At one inch in diameter, it's essentially a mini Arduino board, but purely for use with wearable tech.

Gemma is pretty basic: It has three input/output (I/O) pins, a reset button, and a power regulator. Like FLORA, you can program it over USB, which makes it easier to put together your projects on a computer.

Of course, due to its size, the Gemma does have its limits. In addition to only having three I/O pins, it doesn’t have a lot of RAM. As a result, it can only control a small array of LEDs, rather than hundreds, so your dreams of recreating the Las Vegas Strip on your T-shirt will have to wait a little longer.

If you’re interested in the Adafruit Gemma, you’ll need to be a little patient, as it's still in the final stages of development. Still, that gives you a bit of time to think up an interesting idea for the next costume party you might attend. Get notified when it’s available by heading over to Adafruit Industries and signing up for updates.


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