Dollar DIY speaker shows off how much of a cheapskate you are

The King of Random/Instructables

A working, DIY speaker for under a dollar? Yup. In case you're wondering how the creator, Instructables user The King of Random, came up with the notion, it all started in 2007. A Youtube user named HouseholdHacker posted a parody video about the creation of a high-definition speaker for under a buck, something Mythbusters disproved rather quickly.

Naturally, The King of Random took the general idea—though not the original implementation—of a super-cheap speaker and ran with it.

In order to make one of these homebrew speakers, you're going to need a foam bowl, a paper plate, button magnets, some magnet wire, and copy paper. Though the prices may vary depending where you are, The King of Random's speaker cost him around 80 cents to make. While he purchased most of the components new, The King of Random salvaged the magnet wire from an old TV (you can apparently get it out of pretty much any piece of old electronic equipment or from your local Radio Shack).

The creation of a paper plate speaker is a 10-step process—one that will probably take the experienced DIYer no more than half an hour to complete. The end result won't replace your home stereo system, but it's still an amazingly nifty idea that is going to make you sound way cool (but cheap as all heck) to your friends.

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