Custom 3D-printed Pez dispensers look pretty sweet (and other stuff you missed)

Hot Pop FactoryHot Pop Factory
Hot Pop Factory's 3D printed Pez dispensers.

Overloaded with BlackBerry news? Worry not, your mid-week GeekBytes round-up is BlackBerry-free! (Of course, if you have any blackberries for us to eat...) Today we check out how Hollywood may go about filming in the future, how one little Android app can help you remember, and how 3D printing can be very sweet indeed.

3D-printing gets a sweet tooth, with these custom Pez dispensers [Make]

A Toronto-based 3D-printing company recently got a rather unique request: Personalized 3D-printed Pez dispensers. The client requested that each of their employees receive a one-of-a-kind Pez dispenser, complete with a 3D-printed bust of their head. To make the sweet magic happen, each employee needed to have their head scanned using a Kinect. The end result, printed via a MakerBot Replicator machine, is unique if not a little quirky. Anybody for eating sweets dispensed from your own head?

Hollywood drone: Coming to a cinema near you [The Hill]

Getting that epic shot may be soon get a little easier (and cheaper) if Hollywood has its way. The MPAA hopes to use drones as part of movie-making, and it lobbying the FAA to make it happen. Using unmaned drones to get footage could do away with the need for costly Helicopter takes or the need to employ CGI in certain scenarios. Employing drone tech, which currently only government agencies can use, would allow movies to "innovate in a number of different interesting ways," according to the MPAA. [via DVice]

Android app lets you take notes during a call [Redmond Pie]

Ever found yourself making an important phone call that requires you to take notes, but you have nothing to take said notes with? If so, Call Notes for Android may be what you're looking for. The free app lets you pull up contact notes that you may have made in the past, and it also lets you tinker with your notes during a call—handy if someone reels off an email address or number mid-call and you need to jot it down.


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