Vinecats is the best possible use of Vine (and other stuff you missed)

It’s the last day of January, which means this is the last GeekBytes of the first month of 2013. How better to celebrate than with cats, galactic warfare, and a lunar base? I don’t think there is a better way. So enjoy!

Vinecats: a never-ending stream of cats at your fingertips [Vinecats]

If there’s one thing that’s lacking on the internet, it’s pictures and videos of cats. Don’t worry, though; Twitter’s new video venture, Vine, is replete with cat videos. But what if sorting through the thousands of videos in search of cats is too much work for you? Vinecats is the solution. When you get tired of your random selection of cats, be sure to press the only button on the website: “Gimme More Cats” to, well, get more cats. [via Sarah Purewal]

EVE Online’s Battle of Asakai might be the biggest virtual space battle ever [YouTube]

EVE Online, the massive sci-fi MMORPG, is famous for its player-driven universe. The economy, the leadership, and everything in between are dependent on the players’ actions in the world. Nearly every day, small battles break out in the game's many star systems. Much less often, a full-scale war involving over 3000 ships will erupt. There's a bit of foul language at the beginning, but it’s worth a watch while we all patiently await J.J. Abrams’ attempt at a Star Wars film.

The first lunar base might be 3D-printed [ESA]

How about some slightly less fictional space news? Foster + Partners has teamed with the European Space Agency to begin creating mockups of what could be the first lunar settlement. Even more amazing, the Moon base could be made from lunar soil by means of 3D printing. Newt may have beenright after all! [via Gizmodo]

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