LED periodic table is a snazzy way to show off your elements collection

If you were a mineral collector, where would you store all of your samples? You could put them in a typical display case, but that wouldn’t be very GeekTech worthy—so how about an LED display case that’s also a music visualizer?

Dan Flisek has quite a large collection—he has samples of 63 out of the possible 95 elements on the periodic table you can actually collect—so he built The Elemental Illuminator as a way to show them off. The display is shaped like the periodic table of the elements, and has 120 LEDs to provide backlighting and visual effects.

Nine microcontrollers linked up to a homemade Arduino “master controller” shield control the LED light show. The shield also contains a small microphone that listens to ambient sounds, and lets the Arduino board translate the audio into a decidedly geeky in-home light show.

It’s not a project for the faint of heart, though, because it took nearly six months and around $1000 to make. But if you want to give it a go, Dan lists all the materials you’ll need, plus a few steps and photos, on his blog.

[Dan Flisek via YouTube]

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