The human body can withstand Mach 1.25 speeds (and other stuff you missed)

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Dead Space 3 is here, but it's not here here. I can’t tell you if it’s good or bad because the UPS guy still is not, er, here (shakes fist). If you’re trying to avoid any review coverage on the game before you play it yourself, check out some other stories you might have missed in today’s GeekBytes.

The official Red Bull Stratos numbers are in [Gizmodo]

Last October, we saw Felix Baumgartner pull off an incredible supersonic skydive attempt . Now, the Red Bull Stratos science team has some official numbers to share after a three month-long analysis of the skydive mission. As it turns out, Felix went even faster than originally projected, reaching 843.6 miles per hour (1,357.6 kilometers per hour, or Mach 1.25) after free-falling for four minutes, two seconds from a height of 38,969.4 miles above the Earth.

Dovahbear comes to Skyrim [Kotaku]

What started off as a YouTube parody video of Skyrim is now a companion you can add to the actual game. A modder named maymay1588 has shared their Dovahbear Companion, which lets you bring along the dragon-shouting, honey-mead-drinking bear buddy on your adventures.

Please Subscribe [The Awesomer]

Please Subscribe is a documentary about a new breed of celebrity that has become popular solely through YouTube. It might be laying on a bit thick about the loneliness element of the Internet, but the movie explores the rise of these YouTubers along with the community that made them Internet stars. If you hurry, you might be able to catch it in a theater near you—today only!

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