Lego Android mascot is a match made in geek heaven

GLHTurbo/Lego Cuusoo

If the idea of lugging a 15-inch version of the Android Mascot around isn't quite as appealing as it should be, a Lego Cuusoo user by the name of GLHTurbo may have an adorable alternative for you real soon.

Originally drafted up in the Lego Digital Designer app, the Bugdroid is composed of roughly 205 lime green bricks, each of which go for about 15 cents. Do the math, and a finished build will set you back $30. Of course, that isn't set in stone. GLHTurbo thinks the price can be cut down by 25% more. But, that's not what you want to know, is it?

According to BugDroid's Cuusoo page, the BugDroid model features several points of articulation. Both the head and the arms are capable of rotating 360 degrees. As for the antennae, you'll be able to wiggle them along 100 degrees of motion. And while all this is excellent news, it all pales in comparison to the knowledge that, one day, a future developers' edition may well come with a jet pack.

Lego Cuusoo lets average users have a say in what sets Lego should make next; when 10,000 people support a project idea, it gets sent to Lego for consideration to be turned into an actual kit you can go out and buy. And since this particular creation has reached the required support level, you might be able to buy your very own Lego Android in the not-too-distant future.

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