Periodic table spice rack geeks up your kitchen (and other stuff you missed)


Happy Monopoly Day, everybody! What’s that? You didn’t know it was the 78th anniversary of the classic, viciously competitive board game that will now include a cat piece? Well now you know. Read on for today’s GeekBytes, which includes kitchen accessories, breathing bikes, and the geekiest lunchbox ever.

The Breathing Bike is a temporary solution to Beijing’s air quality issue [YouTube]

China’s air pollution problem has made international headlines recently, and although there are efforts being made to raise awareness and combat the issue, one man has found his own method of helping Beijing. When Matt Hope pedals his bike, his back wheel turns a wind generator that then charges the air particles within the air cleaner attached to the back of the bike. The clean air then runs through a tube connected to Matt’s helmet. Voilà! Clean air. [via Make]

Periodic Table of Herbs and Spices: for the Walter Whites of cooking [Instructables]

If you’re a science nerd as well as a cook, we may have found the perfect accessory for your kitchen. Instructables user SinginLow was having a difficult time displaying herbs and spices in a creative and aesthetically pleasing fashion. This totally geeky, and totally awesome, solution is certainly worth a look.

The NES lunchbox: The coolest lunchbox ever? [Reddit]

What character was on your lunchbox when you were a kid? One industrious Reddit member modded an old NES console and turned it into a lunchbox, complete with a controller for the handle. It might be enough to make you want to go back to grade school. Almost. [via Mashable]

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