Brett Ratner is making a FarmVille TV show (and other stuff you missed)

Oh no. No no no no no.

Ever wondered if your favorite board games ever made the transition to the digital age or if, well, your favorite electronic board games were originally conducted without electricity? Well, we've got the scoop on it right here. Once you're done cooing over that, why not check out today's GeekBytes? We have cartoon tigers, desktop genetic testing devices and, er, FarmVille.

Fully automated genetic testing device is the size of a desktop PC[Diginfo.TV]

Cheating spouses, beware! In the future, genetic testing may become as commonplace as the personal computer. Well, maybe not. However, genetic testing is something that can only be performed in large-scale research facilities right now. Precision System Science (PSS) is looking to make genetic testing devices readily available in medium-sized hospitals, emergency testing hospitals, and small clinics with the help of GeneLEAD, the company's fully automated genetic testing device.

Brett Ratner is making a FarmVille TV Show [Geekosystem]

The end is nigh. While we were busy gushing over how J.J Abrams may be put in charge of certain things, another director has apparently been handed control of a very familiar franchise. Brett Ratner, it seems, will be partnering with production company Six Eleven Media to produce a FarmVille TV show. No details have been released in regards to what kind of format this abomination will take, but, er, we'll keep you posted. I guess.

Calvin and Hobbes creatively positioned in real photographs [Laughing Squid]

And the best is always saved for last. Oregon-based freelance photographer Michael S.Den Beste recently made a collection of photoshopped images centered around the iconic Calvin and Hobbes. It's almost astonishing as to how awesome it is to see Calvin and Hobbes trek across a real-life snowscape. My only complaint with the series? The fact that there are no reflections in the water when the dynamic duo are crossing logs. Where is my realism, goshdarnit?

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