Don't wake Daddy! DIY alarm clock tells your kid it's not time to wake up

ufskenny/Adafruit Support Forums

Any parent knows that getting a child to sleep through the night can be a daunting task. That's why Adafruit Support Forum member ufskenny built the "Ok to Wake" clock for his child.

The clock sits on the wall, and for the most part, it looks like a typical digital clock, except it also displays a sad or happy face, and red or green LED lights to tell your kid if it's OK for them to get out of bed. When the clock shows a sad face, the clock turns red and it means you must stay in bed. When it's OK for your kid to get up, a happy face and green light appears.

The clock features an Arduino Uno controller, an RGB LCD to show the date and time, and a bi-color matrix screen for the faces.

Ufskenny’s clock isn’t quite finished yet, though: He hopes to make it so it can operate on a different schedule depending on whether it’s a weekend or weekday, among other tweaks.

Even without these changes, if it’s a cheaper alternative to sleep-trainer “wake up clocks” you can find in stores , it’s a great idea for a DIY project.

[Adafruit Support Forum]

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