Turn all those Lego minifigs into wall art (and other stuff you missed)


I’m sure everyone reading today’s GeekBytes has a bit of Lego in their house, or at least good memories of a Lego collection. With that in mind, I’m also sure all of you have come across the issue of not only where to store your bricks, but what to do with spare parts. Look no further, we'll show you the answer, plus how to play fruit (yes, you read right), and the world’s fastest robot.

When you have Lego art, who needs normal art? [Acrylicize]

If you’re a business looking for a way to capture the hearts and minds of your employees and visitors, get a Lego minifigure wall. Brand Qubic Tax was looking for a quirky way to display its key business area (tax, of course), and the artists at Acrylicize came up with the Lego wall. Each minifig is in a different getup, representing that everyone has to pay taxes, no matter what the career. [via My Modern Met]

Fruit can make music as well as taste delicious [YouTube]

Did you know an eggplant makes a pretty good bass drum? Ok, so fruit doesn’t quite make beautiful beats on its own, but with the help of a Makey Makey kit, they can be quite spectacular. Musician j. viewz can play Massive Attack’s Teardrop using grapes, kiwi, and other fruits and vegetables by connecting them up to a keyboard via Makey Makey. [via Dressed Like Machines]

World’s fastest robot would effectively tidy the house [YouTube]

The majority of robots on an assembly line aren’t particularly speedy. After all, they are usually big, chunky things, and might be programmed to do a specific task at a certain pace. The world’s fastest robot by Stäubli, though, is extremely nimble. Watch the video of it arranging test tubes and feel your eyes spin trying to keep up. [via Adafruit]

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