48,640 photos give a close-up look at London life (and other stuff you missed)

Ready for her close-up.

Holy PlayStation 4, Batman! Sure, Sony may have taken the wraps of their next generation console today, but we think these other stories deserve your attention too. Your mid-week GeekBytes round-up features a closer look at London, Samsung’s air guitar ambitions, and how one group of students are creating a portable power station.

Oh, and if yesterday’s GeekBytes didn’t give you enough Harlem Shake, try this out for size.

48,640 Pictures Give A Detailed Look At London Life [BT]

If you live in London, this 320-gigapixel image could well be the biggest real-life game of Where’s Waldo (or Wally, if you happen to be British) ever. Taken from atop the BT Tower last year by photography firm 360Cities, this all-encompassing snapshot lets you get up close and personal with the UK’s sprawling capital. It’s an impressive collage, with plenty to see. Take the 360 image for a spin here, and see if you can find the Queen like we did.

Samsung patent plans to make air guitaring a reality [USPTO]

A recently approved Samsung patent would allow bedroom rockers to jam along with their MP3 player by way of motion-detected strumming. Yup: The patent details a device that rocks buttons on its side—meant to imitate a guitar neck — along with a motion detector, allowing you to strum away, air-guitar style. [via Engadget]

Solar-Powered Copter Reaches For The Sky [DesignBoom]

Up, up and away! This prototype remote controlled helicopter—designed by a group of seven Queen Mary, University of London students—gets its power from the sun. The copter is topped in a layer of photovoltaic cells, and it is this solar concept that the Masters students hope to take further, hopefully creating sustainable portable power stations.

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