This massive Lego Hogwarts uses 400,000 bricks

Alice Finch

If you want to prove just how much of a fan you are of both Lego and Harry Potter, then perhaps you should undertake a project like this one by Alice Finch. She built a Lego version of Hogwarts made out of 400,000 (!) bricks.

They highly detailed School of Witchcraft and Wizardry took Alice 12 months to build. This Lego replica not only looks incredible; it lights up, too. The project features a courtyard, greenhouses, a boathouse, and Hagrid’s hut—there’s even a miniature Dark Forest. The roof on the widest building is comprised of 3,500 cone bricks—that's more pieces than what you'll find in even a large off-the-shelf Lego set.

Each structure can open up too, so you can see what's going on inside. My favorite room is probably the potions classroom, due to the different potion glasses and frogs on display.

This creation is absolutely massive, and it’s no wonder it took Alice a year when you see the amount of detail and effort she’s put into it. Well done! Check out her Flickr gallery to see the whole thing.

[Flickr via Kotaku]

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