Bomberman-inspired browser game will blow you away (and other stuff you missed)

Boom! It’s your mid-week GeekBytes roundup, providing a respite from the massive phone news (literally) coming out of Mobile World Congress. Beyond a bit of Bomberman, check out how one little insect bot can crawl anywhere (it's not as creepy as it sounds), and how the Wii Balance Board is helping babies.

Bomberman-inspired browser game is a blast [Bombermine]

Looking for something to fill your lunch breaks? How does joining nearly 1000 others in a massively multiplayer online version of Bomberman sound? The recently launched browser-based game pits you against a seemingly endless stream of enemies, all of which are out to bomb you for precious points. Known as Bombermine, this Bomberman-inspired game is said can support as many as 1000 players at a time, all fighting it out on one big playing field.

Give it a try; it’s a real blast (sorry).

Wii Balance Board helps disabled infants move [Academia]

Researchers at Ithaca College are exploring how disabled infants can tackle their mobility limitations by way of using a Wii Balance Board. The Balance Board, used in conjunction with a Pioneer 3 robot and a child seat, can allow a disabled child to get around just by leaning in the direction they want to move. Researchers stress that having the ability to move in such a way is of major benefit to a child's development, and the use of such a hybrid tool can help them obtain cognitive, perceptual, and social skills. [via Geekosystem]

Insect bot can outrun all his bot friends [UC Berkeley]

Say hello to STAR (that’s Sprawl-Tuned Autonomous Robot), a speedy six-legged bot developed at UC Berkeley’s Biomimetic Millisystem Lab. The bot, coming in at just 12cm in size, can run across a range of different surfaces at speeds of up to 5.2 meters per second, and it works by changing the angle of its legs in order to overcome its obstacles. [via IEEE Spectrum]

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