Paintbot fires paint at your tweeted command, isn't so fun to clean up after


If you've ever played paintball, you probably enjoy pulling the trigger on the paintball gun and splatting your friend with a paint pellet. Now, you can add a high-tech element to your next game of paintball by linking it up to a Twitter hashtag.

iStrategyLabs made Paintbot, a project comprised of a paintball gun and an Arduino board, that fires blobs of paint at your tweeted command. The idea behind the bot is to bridge the gap between online and offline by making "social data" affect things in the real world. Buzzwords aside, anyone who tweets with the hashtag #ISLPaint causes the gun to shoot paint at a whiteboard.

A team of four built the project in less than 12 hours. It shoots in real-time, so it’s super fast at firing those paintballs. Better still, the current version is just the beginning, company CEO Peter Corbett told Wired, though he didn't provide any further details. Rats.

The only downside is that Paintbot is currently offline for “cleaning.” Have fun with cleaning up after that mess.

Paintbot: A New Tweet to Shoot Social Machine from iStrategyLabs on Vimeo.

[iStrategyLabs via Laughing Squid]

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