Extreme Game Boy hack is extreme, lets you play just about anything

Akira/Bac Man Forums

Game Boy, GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, SMS. Did you need any more acronyms to be impressed? A Bac Man forum goer known as Akira recently compressed a sizable pile of gaming-related goodness into what may initially appear to be your standard, garden-variety Game Boy case.

The Game Boy: Reloaded, as Akira calls it, can play any original Game Boy or Game Boy Color game through emulation. It's also capable of running all native, non-emulated Game Boy Advance games.

As for the actual specifications, it looks like the Game Boy: Reloaded comes with a DS Lite motherboard, a custom 2-watt speaker on top of the original Game Boy front speakers, a Game Boy Color transparent cartridge modded with 4 sound-reactive LEDs, a 3-way switch to help you control the light show, a 16GB MicroSD card for storage, and even a matching bag.


Sadly, Akira has no plans to make this creation available for purchase, which is something that Nintendo is no doubt okay with.

[Bac Man Forums via Hack a Day]

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