iPad wielding penguins (and other stuff you missed)

GeekBytes seems to have a bit of a running theme today: stuff that’s a little strange, but also amazing. Oh, and penguins. So without further ado, read on to learn more about iPad-wielding penguins, an EVE Online cake that you wouldn’t think is a cake, and a chatty humanoid robot.

Penguins play on an iPad, master it quickly [Aquarium of Pacific]

This is a video of penguins playing on an iPad. Watch it and smile. [via Laughing Squid]

Automotive robot can now hold a conversation better than some humans [IEEE Spectrum]

The Japanese robot Actroid was already very expressive for a robot, but now it just got even better at making you believe it’s possibly human. When part of a conversation, Actroid makes eye contact, gestures in the direction of the person speaking, and can handle a situation where a group of people are having a discussion. The Nara Institute of Science and Technology also looked at "interruptibility" and "motion parameterization" to improve the robot’s responses.

This detailed space station cake doesn’t look like a delicious cake [Charm City Cakes]

Charm City Cakes

Finally, a cake that isn't a lie, even if it looks a bit deceiving. Duff Goldma of Charm City Cakes made a jaw-dropping replica of the Gallente Space Station from online game EVE for a birthday. The cake looks so realistic that I would rather show it off than eat it. [via Boing Boing]

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