Here’s a homemade four-gigapixel panorama image of Mars

Andrew Bodrov

Curiosity has sent back some incredible images of Mars using its arsenal of cameras , including the first ever off-planet 360-degree selfie. Now, we’re looking at this incredible four-gigapixel, 360 degree panoramic image created not by NASA, but by a panoramic photography expert named Andrew Bodrov.

Unlike any regular panorama you’ve seen, this image was not assembled using a set of consecutive images taken specifically to create one image. Instead, Andrew stitched together this seamless panorama using 407 images taken by two different Mast cameras on Curiosity.

It’s important to note that these two cameras have different focal lengths. The Narrow Angle Camera (NAC) was designed to take close up image with a 34-millimeter lens, while the Medium Angle Camera (MAC) has a longer focal length of 100 millimeters. Also, factor in the fact that these images we’re taken across a series of days and it’s really incredible how perfect it looks.

If you want to check out the map yourself, head over to Andrew Bodrov’s 360 Cities page and make sure to click on full-screen mode for the whole experience.

[Andrew Bodrov via Peta Pixel]

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