Tablet Sales Skyrocketing as the PC Approaches Extinction

tablet sales on the rise

According to a report released today by Gartner Research, PC sales will continue to decline steadily over the next five years, and sales of mobile devices will continue to see incredible growth.  The report suggests that tablet and mobile phone sales will eclipse 2.6 billion units by 2017, rising nearly 30 percent from 1.85 billion units in 2012.

Alongside the proliferation of mobile devices is the decline of desktop-based and notebook PCs.  Gartner estimates 341 million PC units were sold in 2012.  That number is expected to drop to 271 million by 2017.

The transition from PCs to mobile devices shouldn’t come as a surprise to consumers.  Our demand for mobility has sparked increased production of smaller, lighter, sleeker mobile devices.  The advanced engineering of new mobile processors, with integrated components for high-quality graphics and consistent data connections, has enabled amazing performance in a portable package.  The all-in-one Qualcomm Snapdragon processor design gives outstanding energy efficiency while handling the heaviest of workloads, making tablets a fully capable computing option that we can carry anywhere.

Some also credit the shift from desktop to mobile devices to the increasing availability of lower-priced tablets.  Indeed, advancements in technology have allowed for more competition and cost-effective production along with the incredible leaps in functionality.  Widespread use of services like cloud storage and video streaming have also reduced our dependence on bulky hard drives, turning heavy laptops and PC towers into unappealing, antiquated relics, much like CRT monitors.

The day when mobile devices completely replace desktops is in sight, and given these advancements, consumers won’t lose an ounce of capability when they make the switch...  if they haven’t already.

This story, "Tablet Sales Skyrocketing as the PC Approaches Extinction" was originally published by BrandPost.

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