LED matrix helps visualize the favorite colors of Twitter users

When others ask what my favorite color is, I’m sometimes left wondering what the most popular color in the world might be. While that’s a piece of data I couldn’t possibly measure, a programmer names Sebastian decided to make use of Twitter data on favorite colors and transform it into interactive wall art.

Sebastian uses his 10 by 10 RGB LED matrix to display Twitter users’ favorite colors in a spiral pattern, frequently updating with new blocks of color. Using the Twitter search API and Python, the matrix will search for tweets containing “my favorite color.” This query usually finds one or two tweets every minute.

The the matrix can only show a certain set of colors, but Sebastian notes that most people pick from the same 10 colors, which makes the task easier. When someone mentions a color in a tweet, Sebastian's program identifies it, and tells the display to show that color on one of the times.

The result? A piece of wall art that dynamically changes color. Looking at Sebastian’s video, it seems that pink is a popular choice.

[Hacked From Pieces via Hack a Day]

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