Tylt Energi backpack will double as a portable device charger

Backpacks designed with laptops in mind (and dedicated computer bags) are hardly new, but Tylt believes that people need a better way to tote and charge their portable devices. The Energi backpack (funding through April 17) is the company’s solution, a backpack with three USB ports for charging on the go.

The foundation of the Energi backpack’s design is a 10,400 mAh battery situated at about hip level against the back wall of the back that can provide four full smartphone charges or one full tablet charge (via two 1-Amp and a single 2.1-Amp USB ports). Laptops need not apply. You can recharge the battery via USB from a wall charger, car charger, or even laptop.

From the battery’s position in the bowels of the bag you can spider out its cordage, through a series of passthroughs, to a majority of the bag’s major pockets. In-use charging and headphone wearing is facilitated via outward-directed ports. Various bits of knick-knackery are bundled with the Energi Backpack—these include a crushproof and a waterproof pocket. The total package weighs in at 4.5 pounds.

The team has already pulled past its $50,000 funding goal. For $149, you can still pledge to get the backpack along with one of the company’s Y-Charge 2.1 dual USB car chargers in your choice of colors.

Confidence level

Tylt is an established tech accessory manufacturer. With more than a dozen existing products, ranging from cases and speakers to—more important here—cables and batteries. The company also says it has the batteries ready to go. Designs of the bag itself will continue through the funding period and, following success, will begin production overseas around the turn of May for an expected June delivery.

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