Have a dog laugh at you when you lose a ball in Duck Hunt Pinball

Kevin Kulek

Pinball is one of the very few games you can't play for real with a controller on a digital screen. Even with all the electronic counters, doohickeys, and bleeps emanating from the machine, it’s still a game about the physics of a metal ball ricocheting around.

The folks at Skit-B are blurring the on digital-analog retro gaming even further with its Duck Hunt-themed pinball table. It’s not just adorned with Duck Hunt-inspired art, either. This thing is a PC-Pinball hybrid that lets you play the NES classic using a pinball machine as a controller.

Knocking a ball into any of the bumpers nets you a duck kill. Meanwhile, losing a ball will have you laughed at by that blasted, snickering dog. Since a pinball game is a bit more complicated than pointing a light gun controller at your TV, Skit-B also added some new scoring multiplier elements for when you roll your ball on the outside lanes of the table.

According to Kevin Kulek of Skit-B, this digital-electromechanical hybrid took about a year to complete. As for the table itself, the team had to sacrifice a 1962 Williams Valiant machine—an antique for sure, but Skit-B says that it was pretty “far-gone” anyway.

If you want to check out more awesome pinball projects, Kevin Kulek is also working on a wicked Predator Pinball machine.

[YouTube via Escpaist]

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