Read your RSS feeds as 'Star Wars' opening crawls (and other stuff you missed)

Hey, Wired is officially 20 years old today! But before you head over to check out the amazing stories Wired has done since 1993, here are some other things that you might have missed.

Full USS Enterprise-D replica gets recreated in Minecraft [Kotaku]

Zinnsee on Imgur has shared an incredible 50-image gallery of his 1:6 scaleUSS Enterprise-D replica built in Minecraft. This incredible creation was built on a survival server, which means that there’s the constant threat of creepers blowing up sections of the ship and every block was scavenged by mouse clicks. Despite these limitations, Zinnsee created a complete replica of both the insides and outsides, including the transporter room, deck halls, captain’s quarters, and even the many, many Jefferies tubes.

Scientists make brains transparent, might be confused for Jell-O [Engadget]

Scientists can already get a look inside the human brain using CT scans or  by cutting up the whole thing into cross sections. One group of Stanford University researchers wanted to get a real hands-on look at our noggin meat, and so they have developed a way to make it transparent. On top of the cool effect of making brains see-through, the scientists can also introduce dyes to better understand how neurons transmit signals electrochemically.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…StarRSS scrolls your news feed [Laughing Squid]

The untimely demise of Google Reader may leave your RSS feeds flapping in the wind. Our very own Evan Dashevsky is on the case to find the very best Reader replacement every week. But we might have spotted the most nerdy way display news—as the opening crawl from every Star Wars movie. It even scrolls and has a galactic soundtrack to boot.

Watch this 90-year-old grandma lose herself in 3D virtual reality [Gizmodo]

If you’re going to watch only one uplifting video involving tech today, this is it. Here's a 90-year-old woman using an Oculus Rift VR headset for the first time. She’s pretty much blown away the realness of this amazing technology.

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