App Invasion: Eyelord

A common question around the TechHive offices is "What are you playing?" As in, what current game (mobile or otherwise) are you currently up to your elbows in, obsessed with, or avoiding social contact to play. For me, for the past two weeks or so, that game has been Eyelord.

Described as an "overloading, eye-popping, heavy rocking pop 'em up," Eyelord is a marble-shooter game available for iOS devices. Similar to other games such as Yahoo! Games' Zuma, Eyelord requires players to match three or more like colored (eye)balls to squish or 'pop' them out of the game—ideally before they reach the skull mouth in the center of the screen.

Where Eyelord differs is both in its affection for viscera (the eyeballs make a gross/neat squishing noise when matched), and in its soundtrack, which is heavy metal opera worthy of Rob Halford.

Game play on Eyelord is pretty simple: Match the balls as they increase in speed and in varieties of color. While it seems pretty simple, it speeds up to become rather challenging to your reflexes and your hand-eye coordination. Sure, it's not exactly Skyrim, but for a free mobile game, Eyelord will definitely amuse and help to pass the time.

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