Don't try building this electrified DIY 'Thor' hammer at home (seriously, don't)

If you ever watched the action hero movie Thor, you may remember Mjolnir, his amazing electrified hammer. Who wouldn’t want a giant hammer that can summon lightning? As it happens, it is possible to make a really good replica with Tesla coils.

What could possibly go wrong?

To avoid owning the usual plastic prop, Hack a Day’s Caleb Kraft built his own 80,000-volt Mjolnir, which is powerful enough to cause fluorescent bulbs nearby to flicker. With a little help from Tesla coil pro Staci Elaan, his hammer houses a small, solid-state Tesla coil inside a foam head and PVC handle. The whole thing gets powered from a battery located at the bottom of the contraption.

When Caleb hits the button on a handle, bolts of electricity arc out from the top of his Mjolnir replica. The only problem Caleb encountered was when he had to position the coil in the hammer. Caleb initially wanted the arcs to flash out from the side of a smaller hammer head, but the Tesla coil didn't quite fit properly in the foam head. To compensate, Caleb made a larger foam head, with the arcs shooting out of the top of the build.

Needless to say, this is probably one DIY project you don't want to take on, especially if you aren't an expert when it comes to working with electricity. But if you want to learn more about Caleb's adventures, head on over to Hack a Day.

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