VSphere Rounds Into Form

There's another claim that vMotion migration is five times faster. We were unable to corroborate this, but we did find that vMotion no longer queues jobs, one behind the other, it actually runs concurrent VM transfers from one host to another. We're inclined therefore, to believe the claims.

VMware 4.1 has new support for 8GBps Fibre Channel. There's also a vStorage API that supports more rapid array file movement through efficient space allocation. In turn, VMs are more rapidly created and provisioned through their life cycle.


VMware stressed in their pre-release briefing that many of the upgrades in VMware 4.1 were incremental, and related to extensibility and scalability. On most fronts, we found this to be true. If you had reasons to buy VMware 4.0, there are more reasons to buy VMware 4.1 for added scale and features. With Microsoft and Citrix breathing down their necks, VMware distinguishes itself by these incremental additions. Many of the juicier updated features and specs are available only in the Enterprise Plus Edition.

Henderson is principal researcher and Allen is a researcher for ExtremeLabs in Indianapolis. They can be reached at thenderson@extremelabs.com.

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