31 animated GIFs for when you graduate college

College graduation is a time for celebration. It's a time to reflect on what you’ve learned, and to look back on all the hard work that earned you that mortarboard and gown.

And in between Grandma taking way, way too many pictures, and Mom crying and fussing with your hair, and Dad stumbling over his well-meaning but awkward advice, all you’re thinking about during the actual event is how uncomfortable your shoes are. And how the gown is a particularly itchy polyester. And whether the bar down the street will still be serving happy hour after the ceremony.

Plenty of other websites can provide how-to tips on surviving your transition to adulthood, but we roll differently at TechHive. You need levity during these stressful times, so we searched far and wide across a sea of URLs to bring you the following collection of grade-A animated GIFs. Each should give you a laugh and help you remember that you’ve earned this.

When you realize your final project is due tomorrow—and you haven't started it yet:

Trying to study for finals when you have relatives in town for the ceremony:

When it's 4:17 a.m. and you're trying to pump yourself up to finish your last paper:

When people start freaking out during finals week:

When you still have five more pages of your thesis to write but you're out of things to say so you start to improvise:

Literally five minutes after you've finished your last final:

Selling your books back for the last time:

When you're feeling sassy in your cap and gown:

How you feel about your diploma during the graduation ceremony:

When they call you up to accept your diploma and pronounce your name wrong:

The first time you get to use the line "Do you want to come up and see my diploma?"

When your student loans start showing up in the mail:

When you see how much you owe on those student loans:

What you feel like doing after you calculate how long it will take you to pay it all back:

When people ask what you're going to do with your English/Art History/Philosophy degree, the first time:

When people ask what you're going to do with your degree, the fiftieth time:

Whenever anyone asks you "So, have you found a job yet?"

When you've sent out 50 resumes—and then realize you've misspelled your email address:

When you think you've completely blown an interview, but get a call back:

When your best friend lands his dream job, and you're still working retail:

Writing your first cover letter:

When you go for your first "real" interview—and find 20 other people waiting to interview for the same position:

When a position requires you to apply using Taleo. Which then deletes all your fields when you save:

Trying to determine if the job listings on Craiglist are legit:

When you land a paid internship in your field:

When your boss at your unpaid internship tasks you with alphabetizing the whole filing system:

Three hours later, when you realize you've misfiled the last 100 files:

In between projects at your internship:

How you feel when you've accepted a job:

When you land a job that is actually relevant to your degree:

Six months into your first professional job, when you start feeling like a "real adult":

For more animated GIFs check out GIFSend

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