31 animated GIFs for when you graduate college

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When your student loans start showing up in the mail:

When you see how much you owe on those student loans:

What you feel like doing after you calculate how long it will take you to pay it all back:

When people ask what you're going to do with your English/Art History/Philosophy degree, the first time:

When people ask what you're going to do with your degree, the fiftieth time:

Whenever anyone asks you "So, have you found a job yet?"

When you've sent out 50 resumes—and then realize you've misspelled your email address:

When you think you've completely blown an interview, but get a call back:

When your best friend lands his dream job, and you're still working retail:

Writing your first cover letter:

When you go for your first "real" interview—and find 20 other people waiting to interview for the same position:

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