Play This! Podcast: Star Trek blows our mind and we predict Nintendo's smartphone

This week on the podcast, we attempt to articulate the awesomeness of the new Star Trek (there are a few spoilers) and Alex Cocilova gets an inappropriate nickname. Also up for discussion: upcoming TV shows we're excited about and what the new Xbox could mean for its competition. Check the video or download the mp3 below!

Links from this episode:

  • The new Star Trek movie is incredible, even if it didn't leave the audience a moment to breathe.
  • Jason gives a shout-out to Dolby Atmos and Carlos descibes his love for his JBL soundbar.
  • SNL actors and The Office leave us, but we get to look forward to ADHD and the return of Wilfred to makes things okay.
  • We talk about the Xbox reveal (sort of) and how it will force Nintendo to make a phone.

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Have a listen:

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