Will Apple's Press Event Reveal New iPods, iTV or Both?

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Apple TV Becomes iTV?

As discussed previously, Apple is thought to be putting together the successor to the Apple TV, which may be introduced as iTV, at least outside of the UK where that name is already occupied by a household name in TV broadcasting.

The new gadget is expected to cost $99 and will run some form of iOS -- you'll be able to run games on the thing. The move to rentals also means Apple TV users will be able to stream video to their sets.

iPod touch

Apple is also expected to introduce a new version of the iPod touch. As I've said before this is likely to feature both back and forward-facing cameras, will be capable of FaceTime video chat and of running the iMovie app for video creation.

It will also host an A4 processor and a new high-res display. We're also expecting a gyroscopic sensor like the iPhone 4,

Here's a video clip of some of the components to the device which have begun reaching repair shops (apparently).

This focus on television seems likely to be the theme of Apple's September event -- taking place as it does a fortnight before the beginning of the main prime TV season in the US.

WMG chair Edgar Bronfman has previously said, "There's no question that video content is becoming more important, [and the iPad] puts more emphasis on video content, rather than just audio content." [Source: FastCompany]

That focus on video will also see Apple perhaps introduce a 7-inch iPad model, which should mop up whatever's left of the tablet/netbook market.

Note: This story originally claimed a September 7 date for some form of special event. This has now been revised on news Apple has announced its special event for September 1.

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