The sauce is strong with this ketchup AT-AT Walker

Credit: Txmaluda/Reddit

If you're wondering what food service workers so in their down time, Txmaluda on Reddit gives us some idea with this AT-AT walker model made from a pile of ketchup containers.

The bored Reddit user built this Star Wars primary imperial vehicle during an apparently quiet night shift. From my count (yes, I had to count!), it looks like Txmaluda used around 90 tubs of ketchup to complete the model. Naturally, the sculpture is a popular draw on Reddit, and has elicited comments like, “may the Sauce be with you” or, “I sense the sauce is strong with this one.” Groan. Visit the Reddit thread to see the AT-AT walker in all its glory, and for more bad puns.

[Reddit via Boing Boing]

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