H-P, Dell Spar Over 3PAR, DLL Attacks Rage

The bidding duel between Hewlett-Packard and Dell over 3PAR took over IT news headlines this week with a dizzying back-and-forth flurry of increased bids. Meanwhile, DLL attacks are keeping IT security pros up at night and a top official said that the Pentagon got a security-related wake-up call when a low-level worm caused a serious systems breach.

1. The battle for 3PAR: The volleys will continue -- both want their prey badly.

2. How to thwart the new DLL attacks: Attacks involving dynamic link library load hijacking are sweeping the Internet, with Microsoft urging users to download a free tool for protection.

3. Low-threat worm caused 'most significant breach' of U.S. military net: What is being called "the most significant breach of U.S. military computers ever" was caused by a worm that could easily be removed from systems. We'll take small comfort in being told by a high-level Pentagon official that this fact was taken as "an important wake-up call."

4.Allen sues Google, Apple, others over patents: Paul Allen's firm Interval Licensing filed patent infringement lawsuits against Google, Apple, Facebook and other companies alleging patent violations related to search, multimedia, screen pop-ups and database management.

5. Google Voice: 5 truths behind the hype:: A bit of context to the news that Google introduced new VoIP functionality to Gmail this week.

6. How IT will change when Gen Y runs the show: More fun, more encouragement, more flexibility, a positive attitude with fewer meetings and less focus on time worked and more on results -- that's what some Generation Y up-and-comers say is in store when they are running IT.

7. Gmail hiccup sends e-mail messages multiple times and Google fixes Gmail bug that re-sent e-mail messages: This explains the inundation our inbox endured and why the onslaught suddenly (thankfully) stopped.

8. Intel's upcoming laptop chips will play Blu-ray 3D: Now, if someone would just figure out how to watch without wearing silly-looking glasses that may or may not fit over the glasses we need to see in the first place.

9. Apple announces Sept. 1 special event and Will the iPod Touch get some FaceTime at Apple's event?: As usual, to build suspense and excitement, Apple isn't saying much beyond issuing invitations to an event Sept. 1, though it does offer some clues. The invitation includes a photo of a guitar and the event will be at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Apple has in recent years announced music-related news, including iPods, in September.

10. Are you an IT geezer?: We leave all of you IT geezers and would-be IT geezers with a little quiz fun for an August Friday.

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